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Director's Desk

RUDSET Institute sprouted with a noble mission of uplifting the rural youth. This initiative to mitigate the unemployment problem was taken way back in 1982 itself jointly by Sri. Dharmasthala Manjunathesware Educational Trust, Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank. RUDSETI is a platform designed to help the young entrepreneurs build sustainable enterprises in small towns and villages across India. The common man is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary of this ambitious project. We have been providing trainings to the people since then, irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender or economic status and that too absolutely free of cost. Our sole aim is to build the youth as entrepreneurs. We ensure that our young people are exposed to entrepreneurial concepts to inform their own career planning in preparation for entering the workforce or creating jobs as adults.

We were able to create hundreds of successful entrepreneurs in and around the Kannur district. So far we have trained more than 19,000 young bloods out of which 14000 have started their own self employment venture, thus constituting 72 % of the settlement rate.

We invite everyone who wish to start an enterprise or build a carrier of their own to be part of our RUDSET Family. We offer a variety of Training programmes to suit the current needs. All the programmes are of short duration ranging from a minimum of one to a maximum of six weeks. We do promote innovative entrepreneurs who have the magic in them that could turn out to be the next big thing tomorrow.

If young Indians can channel their purpose and hope into productive new enterprises, a positive destiny for our nation is assured.

I express my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all our well wishers who have been giving continuous guidance & support throughout all our ventures.

Raj Kumar T M


RUDSET Institute, Kannur

Succession list of Directors
Sri MGA Mallya1985-1989
Sri Sathish Mallya1989-1993
Sri BR Prabhu1993-1996
Sri KPM Nair1996-1999
Sri PK Suresh Babu2000-2001
Sri M Bhaskaran 2001-2006
Sri A Balakrishnan 2006-2009
Sri P V Surendran 2012-2017
Sri Raj Kumar T M 2017 continuing
Succession list of Directors
Sri Satheesh Kumar [jt Director]1985-1990
Sri P Santhosh [jt Director]1990-1995
Sri P Madhu [jt Director]1995-2000
Sri Sri AT Shenoy1999-2000
Sri Ajithkumar Menon [Jt Director] 2000-2005
Sri N B Mukundan [Jt Director] 2005-2009
Sri K Kunhikrishnan 2009-2012